My work is the result of a restless curiosity, continually seeking ways of visualizing and comprehending the world. In so doing, a unique ordering of events unfold before the eyes. This is the logic of appearances, and it is my job to articulate them and see what they can be made to deliver.

By using the photographic image and transforming it into something special - something magical takes place, taking it beyond itself, into the realm of the hyperaesthetic, and the surreal. The ‘transforming’ process itself, is an amalgam of methods and ideas adopted from art, science, mathematics, psychology, philosophy and surrealism.

One enduring interest of mine has been in the theme of the abstract and the real, whether that be covert or visible, and trying to combine them in art works. We have 2 worlds running in parallel; the perceived world of appearances, the surface of things; and there is a hidden world, the sublayer - what goes on beneath the surface. Thus there are more to these images than meets the eye; what are invisible are the means and processes that lead to their construction. E.g. In order to construct my optical paintings on mesh and canvas, applied mathematics and scientific experiments were required.

What the above shows, is the power of the human mind in its cognitive and creative capacities, to synthesise and distil reality, evolving images and objects that not only have the power to move us to new heights, revealing to us something about the world, but also reveals something about ourselves too.

Roy Amiss, September 2007.